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From Wordpress With(out) Love

My name is Monch. I'm a thirty-something blogger and a lone wolf for the longest time now. I cope by eating out and writing about the latter, and this blog features restaurants I've tried out in my thirty years of existence. I'm a terrible bloke, but at least I'm damn honest about it.

Expect most, if not all, entries here to be related to food and gastronomy -- as I migrated my old posts from Wordpress to this site. Loneliness has been this blog's backbone ever since its inception in 2013, so if you're not a fan - you may opt to leave. If you insist on staying, feel at home then.

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I started this blog-slash-personal passion project in September 2013 as a way to cope with a terrible corporate life. I'm in a better situation now, and this blog has become a sort of portfolio to showcase my previous works and a sandbox for me to practice writing long-form content.

Most of my posts here feature food establishments -- some defunct, some still operational. Aside from food, I also write product reviews for things I tried out, outfits of interest I've worn before, and the occasional travel post that talks about a certain place.

A good majority of entries here are triptych posts, inspired by "three-of-a-kind" song sets on the radio. In essence, these are three entirely different foods or establishments that are bound by a common theme.

With that said, I hope you enjoy your browsing!

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