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[22] On Taking Life One Step At A Time: La Creperie, Robinsons Galleria

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This branch of La Creperie is defunct, and its original location at Robinsons Galleria has been renovated in 2017, with new restaurants taking over.)

Get caught in the hustle and bustle of work and you'll want to step back and take things slower. You tend to notice places otherwise overlooked on a regular day! One such establishment was La Creperie, particularly its branch at Robinsons Galleria. Incidentally, it wasn't the crepes but the tea that made me want to try the place out as the restaurant carried a few variants of TWG Tea. I had the chance to dine there one Saturday in June 2014 after purchasing a pair of trainers.

I managed to visit the restaurant early so I didn't have to deal with the lunchtime rush. The establishment's ambiance was akin to a rustic French cafe, with the air conditioning unit and ceiling fans the only reminders that I am in a tropical country. The branch faced Ortigas Avenue, making it perfect for those moments when you simply want to watch people go about. Choosing a secluded table, the wait staff assigned to me helped organize my things. La Creperie's staff was very prompt and accommodating so any service charge they might indicate on the bill was well-deserved.

Eventually, I settled with three initial picks: Chicken Tocino, Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe, and a large pot of the Creme Caramel Tea. The latter arrived first, served in a large post. A smaller pot (with one refill) was also available and so was an iced version (in a tall glass.) The rooibos' uniquely sweet scent filled the air as soon as I poured out a cup. The Creme Caramel tea had tinges of chocolate and liquor that intensified after I added some sugar, even though it was sweet on its own. I lean towards black teas such as English Breakfast but this made me appreciate red tea more. However, I do not advise getting the second refill as the tea no longer has enough flavor by that time.

The first cup of tea was barely finished when the Chicken Tocino arrived on my table. It was served with two sunny-side-up eggs, garlic rice, and a side salad of lettuce and tomatoes rounded out with vinaigrette dressing. One can opt for either garlic or plain rice, and scrambled or sunny-side-up eggs. The tocino was surprisingly tender compared to most I've tried out; a result of overcooking, maybe? The eggs were cooked right with no runny yolk, and the side salad balanced out everything on the place. It was a "so-so" dish in my book, but I would recommend it if you crave a filling breakfast meal any time of the day.

Of course, it would be a shame if I did not try La Creperie's signature offerings. The Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe I ordered for dessert was definitely a treat: a chocolate brownie wrapped in a chocolate crepe, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I took my time eating this while the ice cream melted on top of the crepe, the melted vanilla neutralizing the triple chocolate overload. This unsurprisingly paired well with black coffee with its chocolate goodness! I initially found the serving too small, but now I realized that dessert crepes like these were better off in smaller servings so as not to overwhelm diners after their meals.

Who would have thought that a place like La Creperie, designed for luxurious indulgence and creative thinking, would sprout in a place like Robinsons Galleria? Sadly, this would not be the case as it would close down around the end of 2014 with no sign of it ever existing. Regardless, my experience there (even for a short time) made me appreciate what life had to offer when I did not rush things. Live life one day at a time as it is a journey, not a moment.

Until the next review, bon appetit!


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