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[20] On Chicken Rice and Memories: Triptych 6

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Back in 2012 when I was still working the night shift in a BPO, I would usually have lunch at Eastwood Cyber & Fashion Mall - a short walk from my office. Its third level had some restaurants that either closed late or operated 24/7, so having a meal was never a problem. I would usually have a bowl of chicken rice for a quick lunch, pair it with some coffee, and go back to my office - in time for the second half of the work shift.

Time passed and I transferred to a different job years after that BPO stint. Oddly enough, I missed those chicken rice lunches I enjoyed prior. Good thing I had this triptych.


The Chicken Steak Rice from Taiwanese joint Ersao used a moderately-sized chicken breast fillet - not too large and overwhelming, not too small that you can eat it in one go. The crunchy breading concealed the juicy chicken meat inside and sealed the meat's natural flavors. The spices used gave the chicken steak an appetizing "Ersao scent" familiar to frequent diners. I added extra spices on this meal, free in Ersao locations, to make it more aromatic.


A dining mainstay at Eastwood Cyber & Fashion Mall, Elements (formerly called Namanama) has seen countless employees from the call centers in the area dine in for special occasions. Their take on the Taiwanese Chicken Fried Rice features the dominant sweetness of the sauce and the substantial size of the chicken chunks. It did have hints of spices, but these were more subdued.


The Jumbo Chicken Rice from the now-defunct Fat Chicken had the right amount of spices without overpowering the palate. However, the breading that covered the juicy fillet bordered on overly salty. It came with unlimited gravy, rice topped with cubed tofu and mushrooms in soy sauce, vegetables, and drink which made it a perfect meal when you want to splurge on payday.


And that's about it for this triptych. Until the next post, bon appetit!

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