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[6] On Breakfasts: Triptych 2

Updated: May 25, 2022

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This post was originally published December 2013. I edited this one after more than six years to reflect the passing of time.)

Interesting how a weekend can give you enough material for a post.

Let's go back to one Friday in 2013. I was cleaning out my files when I saw two pictures of past meals I had, and these were both breakfast meals. These were from an instance when I accompanied a friend from cosplay. The next day, Dad suddenly brought us to Tagaytay on a whim to try out Breakfast at Antonio's; he wanted to try dining there for the longest time now. We initially thought the place offered a breakfast buffet, but it turned out to be an a la carte restaurant. It was worth it, though; the delectable food and spectacular view of Taal restaurant made the experience enjoyable.

Enough of my story now, and let's proceed.


The traditional Filipino silog breakfast, with the mainstay garlic rice and cooked egg, is unbeatable. It usually comes with a savory viand: fried beef jerky (tapa), Filipino-style sausage (longganiza), or Western versions such as corned beef and hotdogs. This Chicken Longsilog Meal from Azucar Boulangerie & Patisserie in New Manila - a stone's throw away from Robinsons Magnolia - was a filling one. A pork option was available for those who prefer eating the real thing. Post-meal sweets are not a problem as the place also sells cookies, cakes, breads, and other pastries. Azucar Boulangerie & Patisserie closed down some years ago, being replaced by Alter Ego European-Asian Fusion Bistro.


The classic pairing of tea and scones works equally as a breakfast meal and snack. Fortunately, one need not be a member of royalty to enjoy this -- thanks to the English Breakfast Tea Latte and Raisin Scone from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL). The raisin-loaded scone comes with either strawberry jam or butter, and can be reheated upon request. It goes well with strawberry jam and beats TWG's scones in the size department. Wash it down with the English Breakfast Tea Latte -- with its brisk and full-bodied flavor toned down by the mellowness of milk. I felt sad when I found out that CBTL removed this from their menu; my craving for scones has not been satisfied ever since then.


This Morcilla and Mushroom Omelette from Breakfast at Antonio's is the epitome of a "heavy breakfast." The omelette does not scrimp on flavor and serving size, as it comes with house bread and a piece of hash brown with an option of either a sundried tomato or basil pesto topping. The morcilla (blood sausage or black pudding) is a unique addition with its saltier taste and tougher casing, which works well with the generous amount of mushrooms. I cite this particular offering as the catalyst for my appreciation of black pudding; I never realized there was another dish that uses pork blood outside of dinuguan (Filipino pork blood stew.)


That's it for now. Until the next post, bon appetit.

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