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[15] On Pepper Lunches: Triptych 4

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Japanese restaurant Pepper Lunch has become a favorite of mine ever since I discovered its branch at Eastwood Mall's third level. I simply head over to their branch and order from the wide array of dishes whenever I crave a hearty meal. What makes Pepper Lunch stand out is its unique sizzling stone plate which is almost similar to the one used for serving sisig (chopped and stir-fried pork cheek and jowl.) Made using patented technology from the Land of the Rising Sun, this plate is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius -- more than twice the temperature of boiling water -- for one minute. Thus, the dishes are literally sizzling hot when served.

The patented technology also permits the plate to hold heat longer -- keeping the food hot for a longer period, too. You can also control how well you want your food, such as steaks and beef slices, to be cooked! Just leave it for a longer period on the stone plate to get it well done, and put it on top of vegetables or rice if you prefer medium-rare steak. Pepper Lunch also allows diners to season their dishes with four different sauces: amakuchi (honey brown), karakuchi (garlic soy), onion, and teriyaki.

Here are three of my favorites from Pepper Lunch.

Chicken Pepper Rice
Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg
Salmon Pepper Rice

Until the next post, bon appetit!

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