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[4] On Simple Indulgences: Triptych 1

Updated: May 25, 2022

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was the very first triptych I posted at The Monching's Guide in November 2013. I'd say that the format is successful, seeing how I managed to draft more than 240 posts like this over the years!) I had the chance to do a short food trip after my job interview somewhere in New Manila. Thankfully, I arrived and finished early – thus I had more time to go around and eat around. This will be the first time I’ll be posting short food reviews that I might have otherwise posted as statuses in Facebook. You never know, this might attract visitors to the joint.


First, I tried KFC’s Crispy Butter Chicken Meal and ended up being disappointed. The endorsement by Daniel Padilla did not help at all. There was something off with the taste of butter and chicken; it would have been better to stick to their original and hot and spicy flavors. It came with butter rice, mashed potatoes and corn, and a regular drink. The butter rice redeemed everything, as it paired well with gravy and will most likely jive well with KFC’s original chicken. (Do note that this was already removed from the menu years ago.)


Whenever I crave traditional Yuletide fare such as bibingka and puto bumbong, I get my fix at Antonio’s Bibingka in SM Megamall since they make it all year round.

I tried out their special bibingka previously and the soft, leche flan-like consistency definitely made a mark. But now, their original bibingka pictured above had a texture closer to a cake. They did not scrimp on the cheese and salted duck eggs! Also, there was brown sugar on the tables (meant for coffee) to add a bit of sweetness. They used to provide muscovado, but methinks it's out of stock for now.


Nothing beats an early dinner after a long day out, and thanks to a college batch mate - I discovered Dimsum Break at SM North EDSA. Sadly, Dimsum Break has closed down its branches in Manila; it has a strong following in Cebu.

During this visit, I ordered their Shrimp Toast fried dimsum and Original Steamed Fried Rice - the latter being the dish Dimsum Break is much known for. The college batch mate who told me about the restaurant happened to be a Cebuano and, according to him, it was literally a taste of home. Dimsum Break had its origins in the Ding How Dimsum House in Cebu City.


Until the next post, bon appetit!


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